Local Knowledge

'Lucky bastards': What it's like as a guest at Augusta National

Episode Summary

On virtually every golfer's bucket list, a chance to play Augusta National is right at the top. Yet very few actually get the chance to cross it off. In this episode, Alex Myers describes how a handful of fortunate souls landed an invite to Augusta National, and what it was like once they got there.

Episode Notes

On the list of great golf courses around the world, Augusta National often ranks near the top. But when it comes to the course most golfers want to play, there is no question. Owing to its exclusivity, its manicured perfection, and the familiarity from watching the Masters every year on TV, a chance to play Augusta National is considered the ultimate get for most golfers. In this episode of Local Knowledge, Alex Myers explores how certain players found their way into golf nirvana, and finds out whether it lived up to the hype.